Monday, March 1, 2010

Class Slideshow

I am working on my slideshow for the Multimedia Journalism class. I have a variety of different ideas that I am going to utilize, using Sound Slides, to make a great presentation. I am thinking that the best thing for me to do is take a variety of pictures off of my Facebook - even though I am not big on using Facebook except for self-promotion as far as the radio business goes, I definitely do have a variety of different pictures up there. Of them, you can get a pretty good description of what my life is like on a daily basis, and a lot of the things that I enjoy doing as well. I am thinking of maybe putting together a slide show of pictures of baseball and football games that I have been to in the past year, additionally.

I think that Soundslides is a very effective program. Of course, I have experience using Final Cut Pro and it incorporates some of the main elements, such as the timeline. Since I also use the popular audio editing software Adobe Audition on a daily basis, I am familiar with many of the audio editing aspects.

I look forward to working with Soundslides to accomplish this project and make it very presentable.

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